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When you reach the end of the Setup Wizard, click Finish to exit the wizard. Note Leave your computer turned on while you insert your adapter. Except as otherwise required by legislation in Your jurisdiction, costs associated with transport including packaging for warranty service shall be at Your expense. Use the preceding steps to browse to the shared file or folder that you want to copy. If your connection is still too slow, contact your ISP to verify that there are no problems with your connection, such as scheduled maintenance, line issues, or other problems. After you have verified that the printer driver is installed, try printing a test page from the computer.

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Turn off or unplug the base station, wait at least 10 seconds, and turn it back on again.

The following illustration shows an ad hoc network. When you reach the end of the Setup Wizard, click Finish to exit the wizard. Some intranets offer networkimg to the Internet.

Playing Games on Your Network and on the Internet Many of the most popular games now have multiplayer capability, allowing two or more players to compete by using a local network. The wizard will help you set up wirekess computer for file and printer sharing.

Placing Internet Explorer 7 icon on the desktop an You can manually refresh the list. Make sure that the network protocols necessary to run the games that you want are installed on each computer on your network. USB ports are rectangular and about a half-inch wide.


Before qdapter begin Setup, make sure that you have everything needed to install your new adapter.

Microsoft Wireless G USB Adapter (MN) Windows Drivers, Utility | Wireless Drivers

If this network does not have an Internet connection, verify that all computers are in the same workgroup and can see each other on the network. Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel. Click Start, and then click Control Panel. When data arrives at the hub from one computer, it is copied to the other ports wirelrss be transmitted to other computers.

Although some keyboards and monitors have USB ports, they typically do not provide enough power to support the adapter. If you turn the update service off, you can check for upgrades on the Web site from the Qireless Network Utility. I can only access shared files or folders from certain computers or user accounts on my network. Use one of the following procedures, depending on your version of the Windows operating system. CardBus A credit card-sized device that is inserted into a slot on a computer, usually a notebook computer.

Screen saver is not working after the installation For information about how to change your wireless microsoft broadband networking wireless usb 2.0 adapter mn-710, see Broadband Network Utility Help.

MN710 Broadband Wireless USB2.0 Adapter User Manual Users Manual Microsoft Corporation

The packaging lists system requirements for your Microsoft Broadband Networking adapter and software. You can use the Broadband Network Utility to view other computers on the network, access shared files on those computers, and join other wireless networks. You can find the base station MAC microsoft broadband networking wireless usb 2.0 adapter mn-710 on the side of the base station or on the underside if the base station is positioned vertically.


Each network adapter and other network hardware device is manufactured with its own unique MAC address. WEP keys can contain numbers and the letters A through F. Do not push or insert anything into openings. If the network that you want to join uses wireless security, you will be prompted to type the Wired Equivalent Privacy WEP key in the Security Key microsoft broadband networking wireless usb 2.0 adapter mn-710, and to retype it in the Confirm Security Key box.

If You acquired this Hardware Device outside of the countries listed above, then local laws may apply. Windows Me or Windows 98 SE 1. A software firewall resides on a single computer, helping to protect that computer from external threats. You might find that you need more bandwidth to use all of your computers at the same time on the network.

With network-enabled games, you can use your networked computers to play games with friends and family members.

Its component parts may not be separated for use on more than one computer. In radio transmission, these different channels wireleds of different radio frequencies. Drivers for the products Microsoft Broadband Network devices below can be downloaded at: