Dec 05 2018

In this review, an emphasis will be placed on the impact of using the RocketRAID in a true gaming environment. It is the successor to Parallel ATA. Can a dedicated card make much of a difference to system performance? The first would be a software approach. While the card uses a x4 slot, it can be used in a x8 and a x16 slot just the same.

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When compared to software RAID, the hardware approach appears to be ideal when factoring CPU usage but more often than not, controller cards are somewhat cost prohibitive.

HighPoint RocketRAID PCI-E x4 SATA RAID Controller

For the speed freaks read: Manufacturer Contact Details Manufacturer: Warranty Please note your statutory rights are not affected. There is also the same data rate in both directions providing the performance and sca-lability for the next decade. Their cards might be found in corporate servers where uptime and reliability are a must just as easily as in a gaming PC, installed for the sole purpose of off loading CPU demand form their systems.

Collect your parcel orcketraid your newsagents, petrol stations high;oint convenience stores.

Page List Top 1. Finally, for those of us who like the advantages of both, and would like to have it all in one way or hithpoint, there are a number of combinations of RAID arrays in-between 0 and 1.

HighPoint RocketRAID 2310 X4 Pci-e 4x SATA RAID Controller Card

This site uses cookies. Gigabytes and Gibibytes Date Issued: It is the successor to Parallel ATA. In RAID, there are a few different paths you can go down. Once synonymous with servers, RAID has made its way into the mainstream thanks to the inclusion of onboard controllers by the motherboard manufacturers. The four SATA ports are located at the back of the card, facing toward the inside of the case when installed in a motherboard. My point of view is that if this card can take away some of the CPU overhead, much like an add-in audio card can do, then from a gaming stand point, hardware RAID is the way to go.


This helps with cable clutter in a normal ATX PC case and when used in a server, this is the only position to really put the ports. SATA allows for faster transfers between the hard disk and the system, uses thinner cables and is easier to physically install. It should be mentioned that we are working on a complete and comprehensive article on the different types of RAID and the performance each type of setup provides to the end user.

Long thought to be mystical server voodoo, RAID which stands for R edundant A rray of I ndependent D isks actually has a very significant role and in certain scenarios, can improve performance considerably. This leads us into the next form of RAID: High Point has decided not to include anything but the bare basics. This card connects more often than not via the motherboards PCI bus but we are starting to see the emergence of PCI-E cards as time goes on.

Dominating the center of the card is a Marvel 8SSX chip.

HighPoint RocketRAID X4 Pci-e 4x SATA RAID Controller Card | eBay

Receive SMS with one-hour delivery window. RAID on the other hand is an entirely different beast altogether. All of the accessories, the included, come sandwiched in a thick foam to ensure a safe and secure ride when in transit.


One thing that stands out is the fact that this card uses a PCI-E x4 interface. Return to base DOA Period: In this review, an emphasis will be placed on the impact of using the RocketRAID in a true gaming environment. In this guide we will be examining a popular method used for increasing the performance and reliability of your hard drives and data storage.

Arriving in its retail packaging, the is packed away in an incredibly informative box. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Receive SMS with one-hour delivery window Weekend, timed and European delivery options are available at checkout. Taking a closer look at the provided accessories, we see a manual, a driver disk, 4 blue SATA cables and a small PCI bracket that allows the to be used in a server higpoint needed.

Each expansion slot in PCI Express can have several channels which gives plenty of room for expansion. For further information regarding Scan’s warranty procedure please see our terms and conditions.