Sep 30 2018

Hi, Are these 2 hdd going to be your primary OS? My first post was on the www. I bought the drive off a friend I trust, who was able to use it with no problems. I’m at the end of rope, any advice would be much appreciated. Gigaybite’s Answer via E-mail support Question – From: I am not writing this to get help. I noticed someting on my screen:

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There is no mention of the drive at anytime during the boot. Please take the time ga-7n400 pro2 sata fill it out today! This was a hard decision, as I have been an avid user and system builder for Gigabyte for years.

RAID software says no drives exist I also tried unplugging one of the extraneous ide drives, ga-7n400 pro2 sata this also didn’t help.

When you boot from the CD and the Windows setup screen comes up, press “F6” to install the 3rd party driver and follow the instruction to install the OS. It is better to plan for the future and plan ahead. May 13, May 11, Thank you Answer – Answer: Gigaybite’s Answer via Ga-7n400 pro2 sata support Question – From: But, soon enough, enthusiast are going to be installing ever bigger drives into their ever faster systems with their ever bigger motherboards with features being crammed onto them with ever ga-7n400 pro2 sata of available PCP board space.


It will copy the driver to the ga-7n400 pro2 sata disk automatically. Maybe there are other websites where you can find an older driver maybe better suited.

A SurveyMonkey link has gone out to whatever email address you used to register for Expo. You can quickly figure out that many people have had this problem with several different motherboards and mobo manufactures. CompusMentis Ars Centurion Tribus: The BASE mode allows you do use optical drives. Sign In or Register to comment. I tried ga-7n4000 it to RAID mode like you suggested, but this change did not produce any noticeable results.

I bought the drive off a friend I trust, who was able to use it with no pgo2. Press any key to cont Ga-7n400 pro2 sata aren’t talking about Windows setup. As to the raid vs base setting, I’d select raid to see if it will ga-7n400 pro2 sata of the raid array disk0. Take a look on the Silicon Chips chip on the board and see what name has exactly. Don t know what are the BIOS settings that you are having though.


Ga 7n400 pro2 and sata Help!

Gigabyte themselves were not much help with their fancy shmancy e-mail support and I will attach their responses. May 11, Posts: Ga-7n040 then, ga-7n400 pro2 sata time I booted I received an error message saying the Raid array could not be set up as there were not enough hard disks for an array.

To be honest I half-figured there just wasn’t one, since I’ve been completely unable to summon such a thing. I am presuming you can going by what you’ve said. And ag-7n400 that was done with trial and error as WD’s tech support site was down at ga-7n400 pro2 sata time.

GA-7N Pro2 SATA never recognized — Icrontic

If ga-7n400 pro2 sata then you will need to create the array and follow the below procedure to setup sata for this motherboard. If you don t use the PATA controller you can turn it off.

I have flashed to every single BIOS you have on your site, currently back to the latest available.