Credits and Resources

Version 2.0 of a fanlisting collectived owned, created, and maintained by Jamie. This section of the site shares all the credits and resources that I have used to make this theme possible. Yes, some of the images were taken from a search conducted via Bing Search Images .

Design resources are provided by:
Tristan - He has provided me with some very awesome PHP tips and tricks
Lucien has gifted me a theme she used on her collective, and I used some of that theme's css and made it my own
Jessica has given me permission to use the hover effect for the owned images. Thank you, Jessica! Sasha has provided inspiration for this new theme for their awesome tutorials on sticky navigation menus.
Bing Search Images For awesome searches.

Any image that is taken from any search engine is © to their respectful owners. I do not own, nor claim to own any images that I have found, used, and created into a theme. No copyright infringement intended. All rights reserved.