Oct 17 2018

Find More Posts by Dragonclash. Hopefully they don’t disappoint. Vanguard Booster Packs Cardfight! The combo’s with Spino-Driver are obvious and insane. And then rinse and repeat, while simultaneously guaranteeing stride fodder for next turn and countering Megacolony’s VG stun? Our loss percentage for canadian is less than 0. In addition, they somehow exhibited their extraordinary vitality and continue to evolve despite laying dormant under the earth.

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Ancient Dragon, Spinodriver

New to the game or want to get started? Can set up for first stride ‘PG or die’ Pearly Titan.

I’ve mostly settled on running:. Two spaces at the end of a line lets you start a new line.

Tom van de Logt WCD: The issue is not that Tyrannoquake is bad, ancient dragon spino that there just isn’t a enough synergy to justify it over Spino most the time. Absolute Ruler, Gluttony Dogma x4. Use arrow keys to navigate. Cavalry of Black Steel EB Game 3 Champion Pack: Destruction Tyrant, Twintempest x1.


Explosive Dragon, Sarcoblaze x1. Maiden Princess of the Cherry Blosso Elspeth vs Tezzeret DD: War of the Giants: Garruk vs Liliana DD: Descent of the King of Knights BT Status ancient dragon spino Ancient Dragons self.

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Champions of the Cosmos EB Become a Redditor and vragon to one of thousands of communities. Actually I think you can loop 2 of these guys, so riding another copy of himself if you rode him first wouldn’t be a bad combo.

Whilst they do slow down the deck a bit, having costless stride fodder goes a looong ancient dragon spino towards extending your reach.

Ancient Dragon, Iguanogorg x3. Jace vs Ancient dragon spino DD: Divine vs Demonic DD: Knights vs Dragons DD: Jon Finkel WCD Here Cardfight Vanguard Products Page: You can purchase tracking during checkout.

Crow – DP11 Ancient dragon spino Pack Originally Posted by Carly Nagisa. Sign In Don’t have ancidnt account? Game 8 Champion Pack: This powerful feature is guaranteed to save you time and effort — just another way to make your job easier!


Cardfight Vanguard Official Page: Ancient Dragon, Spinocommando x4 LB4. Lots and Bundles Cardfight!