Name: little-fan.me
Meaning: Little-fan.me got its name simple because I'm a fan of certain people, places, and/or things, and the mere fact of it is I'm a short person that stands tall at 5'3". Put two and two together, and you get little-fan.me. Plus the .me extension gave the domain name an extra special meaning and emphasis to little-fan.
Date Registered: June 29, 2017
Registered From: Namecheap.com
Hosted by: Candyrain.org
Domain's Purpose: To act or serve as a fanlisting collective.

Little-fan.me was registered on June 29, 2017 through Namecheap.com, which is currently hosted by Candyrain.org. This domain serves or acts as a fanlisting collective that has been my one dream of owning a successful fanlisting collective. In the past, when I was only allowed to own one domain at a time, I tried my knack at owning a fanlisting collective only to have miserably failed at doing so. At the time in early Y2K, fanlistings were 'the in thing' or the biggest 'Internet Trend,' yet in time, fanlistings have disappeared only to reappear years later, which opened up a lot of doors for those who wish to keep The Fanlistings Network alive and going strong.

Little-fan's owner

Name: Jamie
Residency: Southern California
Birthdate: February 1
Occupation: College Student

In the year 1998, I became extremely interested in web design after a few web designers gave me that first push to learn both HTML and CSS on my own. It wasn’t until I had found an amazing tutorial website Lissaexplains.com that motivated me to become the web designer that I am today. After learning how to code on my own with some help from my friends who already knew how to code here and there, I decided to start blogging on a purchased domain instead of using geocities.com or blogging on Livejournal or elsewhere. Before I purchased my own domain, I was hosted under friends’ domains, which is a hostee taking up someone else' space to have their blog on the Internet. Due to certain limitations that came with being a sub-domain owner, I decided to purchase a domain and its own hosting package so that I can be the boss of things instead of someone telling me what I can and can’t do (besides the hosting company of course).

Almost a couple of decades later of being a self-taught web designer, I decided that it was time for me to go back to college and try to obtain an associates degree in Computer Information Systems with an emphasis study in web development. I'm currently attending a community college called Mt. San Jacinto where I have earned my Apprentice certificate on January 11, 2016, and I'm currently working towards the Journeyman certificate as well as the associates degree, which if things goes according to plan, I will be graduating next year.