Little-fan.me is a fanlisting collective hobby of mine that was registered from Namecheap.com and is currently hosted by Candyrain.org.

This fanlisting collective consists of fanlistings that I have applied for and had been approved from The Fanlistings Network. Most, if not all the fanlistings that are currently owned by me, are either completely random fanlistings, or fanlistings that are geared towards my favorite lyrical genius named Jim Steinman, and my favorite singer named Meat Loaf and his band mates.

In the year 2000, when fanlistings were becoming quite a popular trend among bloggers and collective owners, I decided to try and own one myself since discovering fanlistings; however, I became discouraged as time progressed because the fanlistings that I wanted to own were owned by someone else and there was hardly anything left to apply for. After becoming discouraged, I decided to tear down my fanlisting collective and just decided to blog instead until years later when the fanlistings that I wanted to own actually became available. In 2015, I applied for the fanlistings that I wanted to own and were accepted/approved by the network and have since owned the fanlistings that I have waited for years to become available. It seems as though since the fanlistings that I have waited to become available are now in my hands, I feel as though I am succeeding at owning a fanlisting collective (despite having to close down two other domains in order for me to open this domain).